AZORES TRavel adventure

Where is Sao Miguel / Azores ?


My first adventure trip took me to the beautiful islands of Azores in the north atlanic. Let me show you this wonderful island named Sao Miguel.



Why I decided to go to Sao Miguel / Azores?


Sometimes when I see a picture & I start to feel the moment of this picture... I´m thinking about following:

How would be the feeling in real life at the same place which you see in this picture? Would I feel the same like in the moment in front of my computer? And then I say: Hey there is only one opportuninty to find out - do it!


(picture by


Let´s start... ?


Sao Miguel has beautiful places & you can find them all over the island...

After my arrival I enjoyed the great view from my apartments balcony. If you like to relax & enjoy silence you should book this appartment in Ribeira Quente called "Casa do Lado"


"Stop a minute right where you are... tell that imperious voice in your head to be quite & enjoy the moment."

Wake up early in the morning & watch a beautiful sunrise.

You should try the traditional jam from Quintal dos Acores... it´s very tasty & available in different flavours e.g. figo, strawberry, physalis, melon, sweet potato, tomato... :)

... also the fresh fruits from Azores are great & give much power for your adventure trip!

In Ribeira Grande you can find a good surf spot... Praia do Areal.

... if you like to see the powerful waves of north atlantic you have a place near by Pedras do Mar Resort & Spa.

Don´t need a flatscreen TV if you have a natural high definition view like this...  abandoned Monte Palace Hotel.

Azores are famous for their beautiful & colourful world of flowers. You should consider June - August to see them at their best.


"If you think that you can fill feelings with pictures.. you should better try to fill pictures with feelings.

It´s not all about what you see - it´s more about how you see. Try to find your own way of adventure"



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