MAY 2019

Charity Project Wolwerivier (Capetown / South Africa)


My first visit 

Thank you so much for trying to make a difference in the lives of children living in Wolwerivier!


These children and their families live in very dire circumstances, with drugs and alcohol ruining lives and children having to grow up with domestic violence, neglect and not much chance of a better future.  


We really appreciate that you are all making the effort to try and improve the lives of those less fortunate.


And I want to thank Toni Tresadern for her great heart and support as an local social worker. Here are some words from her:


"It warms my heart when a group of young people (mostly from overseas) decide that they want to do something special for children from an impoverished community. This project was driven by Maxim Sachraj from 20 Model Management (Capetown) and supported by other models and coaches. Tasha Hyman Hern played a huge part in getting all the eats together and arranging a wonderful donation of Adidas footwear and soccer balls. The children had the most wonderful time - they played soccer, danced, had their faces painted and then tucked into hotdogs, fruit, chips and sweets. What a fantastic day. I am very grateful to each and every person that gave these kids such a good time."